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Certification Process

  • 1
    Research the scheme that best meets your needs
  • 2
    Determine if you have employees that can design your management system
  • 3
    If you do not have employees that can build the system, hire GlobalCert Food Safety as a consultant to educate and guide you
  • 4
    Work with GlobalCert Food Safety to build your system
  • 5
    Work your system
  • 6
    Conduct a HACCP Audit, Gap Analysis, Pre-Audit (optional)
  • 7
    Improve areas of weakness
  • 8
    Conduct the Certification Audit
  • 9
    Certification cycle depends on the Scheme that you have chosen:
    • FSSC 22000 has 2 Surveillance Audits then Re-Certification.
    • BRC is Re-Certified every year.
    • PrimusGFS is Re-Certified every year.
    • SQF is Re-Certified every year unless a grade of C is given. A Surveillance audit will be conducted within 30 days.
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