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HACCP Development and Implementation

Course Fee: $499

Our HACCP classes are accredited by The International HACCP Alliance.

The Development and Implementation of HACCP Class fulfills USDA/FSIS and FDA Requirements for HACCP/ Training—and fulfills all GFSI requirements for HACCP Training.

Course Fee $499.00 for the first person and $449.00 for each person thereafter.

Intro HACCP Syllabus

  • HACCP Overview/History
  • Discuss the need for and benefits of HACCP
  • Describe USDA and FDA laws and regulations in relation to HACCP Plans
  • Describe Industry Driven and Third Party Auditors requirementsin relations to HACCP Plans
Prerequisite Programs
  • Define and develop Sops
  • Define and develop GMPs
  • Discuss the importance of SOPs and GMPs
  • Descrive how SOPs and GMPs are necessary before developing a HACCP Plan

(Workshop 1)

Basic steps in the development of a HACCP Plan
  • Assemble the HACCP Team
  • Describe the product and its method of distribution
  • Develop a complete list of ingredients and raw material
  • Develop a process flow diagram
HACCP Principles
  • Presentation of HACCP principles as defined by CODEX Committee on Food Hygiene and the NAtional Advisory Committee on Microbiological Criteria for Foods' report on HACCP Systems, 3/20/92
  • Discuss the seven principles in detail

(Workshop 2)

Principle 1 - Conduct a Hazard Analysis
  • Biological Hazaards
  • Chemical Hazards
  • Physical Hazards
  • Conducting a Hazard Analysis
  • Steps in Conducting a Hazard Analysis
    • First - Evaluate your operation for hazards
    • Second - Observe the actual operating practices in your operation
  • Preventive Measures

(Workshop 3)

Principle 2 - Identify Critical Control Points
  • Steps in identifying Critical Control Points
  • CCP Decision Tree
Principle 3 - Establish Critical Limits
  • Steps in Establishing Critical Limits
Principle 4 - Establishing Monitoring Procedures
  • Steps in Establishing Monitoring Procedures
Principle 5 - Establishing Corrective Actions
  • Steps in Establishing Corective Actions

(Workshop 4)

Principle 6 - Establish Record Keeping Procedures
  • Steps in Establishing Record Keeping Procedures
Principle 7 - Establish Verification Procedures
  • Steps in Establishing Verification Procedures
  • HACCP Groups re-evaluate, finalize and summarize
  • HACCP Team, Responsibilities and Record Keeping format
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